The TOP1 Coffee blends rate among the finest mélanges on the market, carefully created and tested with the personal help of one of the best blenders in Europe, together with our team in Israel, and dedicated technology. Presently we offer five blends of roasted coffee beans and four types of coffee capsules.

To maintain the rich flavor, the packages are filled with nitrogen to prevent oxygenation. A valve allows the natural out-gassing of the beans without unsealing the package.

Our coffee capsules are “Nespresso®”* compatible.

The TOP1 Coffee is a brand of Top Food BSD, Ltd.


* The Nespresso® trademark is not related to The TOP1 Coffee or Top Food BSD Ltd.

Moshe Bril photo
Moshe Bril
Moshe is the president and co-founder of Top Food, providing business insight and knowledge about the European market and culture. His experience includes the founding, development and management of companies in the commerce (www.ILPhotonics.com), medical (www.oxitone.com) and optics (www.holoor.co.il) fields. He studied physics in Amsterdam, Rehovoth and Jerusalem and Talmud in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Kerem BeYavne. Moshe holds three patents and speaks Dutch, English, Hebrew and German. Moshe also publishes Divrei Torah.
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