5G Capsules


5G Capsules


The richest capsule!*

Taste and enjoy!

This very rich “5G” capsule is a pure Arabica blend, with flavors of lemon and ginger. it rates an acidity of 5, which is the highest possible mark, and you can taste that!

The blend is suitable for either Ristretto or Espresso.

Intensity: 8

Parameters (low-1 to high-5):

  • Body – 3
  • Sweetness – 4
  • Acidity – 5

Coffee capsules are compatible with “Nespresso®**” machines.


*This capsule has the richest taste in Israel with an acidity of 5. No capsule has more than that!

** The trademark is of a third party, which is not related to Top Food BSD Ltd.


Ground roasted Arabica coffee beans


Pareve, Pesach


בד”ץ שומרי הדת אנטוערפן (Bedatz Shomre Hadas Antwerp),
ובאישור הרבנות הראשית לישראל (Authorization of  the Chief Rabbinate of Israel)

Coffee per Capsule:

5.2 g

Capsules per Box:


Box Net Weight:

52 g

Boxes per Case:

12 (120 capsules)

Cases per Pallet:

310 (37,200 capsules)

Barcode for Box:


Barcode for Case:


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