Ascaso DREAM Espresso Machine

Photo of Ascaso DREAM Espresso Machine


Ascaso DREAM Espresso Machine


Perhaps the machine most identified with the Ascaso brand.

 It’s not just Barcelona that is considered the capital of European design and architecture, and it’s not just that DREAM has been produced for 15 years on the busy and successful production line of the factory located in the Catalan capital.

The DREAM in its current version combines a modern design concept (a combination of wood and aluminum) and the most advanced technology when it comes to manual coffee machines that work with thermoblock for the home market.

It does not “remember” drinks, is not made in China and has no flashing LED lights.

The DREAM simply prepares the best and highest quality coffee that can be produced in the machine.

Dimensions L / H / W:  24/34/28 cm

Water tank: 1.4 liters

Weight: 10 kg

Country of manufacture: Spain


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